Posted by: damon4pianos | July 31, 2015

A Pet’s Aura

In recent years, one of society’s mantras applied to politicians, government agencies and the business world, is this buzzword “transparency.”  Webster, and other sources, define this word as:  a)  Visible and easily seen through, recognized or detected.  My personal favorite, b)  having the property or quality of reflecting rays of light shining from behind and shining forward beyond!

A while back my wife and I had our little poodle “Remi” put to sleep due to health problems.  This word transparency is very applicable to her.  Something startled me during our grieving phase, it was that Remi had prompted a “reciprocal transparency.”  I truly believe that as individuals become transparent with one another, our surroundings, and most importantly, with the amazing Creator of our universe, an inner cleansing, a catharsis of our mind, soul, body and spirit enlightens every fiber of our being!  A silent and sometimes vocal mutual communication between people we know and love, as well as our pets brings out the best within the depths of our heart.  When that joy, love and energy which prompts this amazing transparency within us is gone, a tremendous VOID engulfs us and heartbreak and heartache surfaces – we miss reciprocating that transparency which seems to free us!  When a pet’s unconditional love, like a reflective beacon of light, is no longer, that warm joyous communication that was dedicated to that, who was so special, is no longer evoked.  We miss Remi’s aura and her non-intimidating transparency which stirred-up a bubbling effervescent feeling of being needed within my wife and I, thus, making us feel young and buoyant again!

The animal hospital gave us a little round plaque with Remi’s paw-print to remember her by – a memoir of her unique ray of light shining forward to be captured at the right moment and stored away in a treasure chest amongst many others within the chambers of our heart.  Those happy memories that we all delight in – even if its but for a moment! Transparency.  May we all continue to reflect those special qualities, that is, our unique ray of light glowing throughout life’s journey.  May we all strive to leave an indelible footprint “shining forward beyond” to those we cherish.  May we all ask ourselves, “how do we want to be remembered by?”


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