Posted by: damon4pianos | March 4, 2015

Don’t Turn Back

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 6.29.24 PM“But [Lot’s] wife looked back…and she became a pillar of salt.”  This is found in the book of Genesis, Chapter 19 verse 26.  We may have heard before that the heart is as deep as an ocean, yet, the human heart is only the size of a “closed fist.”  The depth and magnitude of God’s Love and keeping power regarding the heart was declared by King Solomon in the book of Proverbs and King David in the book of Psalms, that 1) the Almighty God of the universe holds the hearts of men in His Hand and turns them as the rivers, and, 2) the Almighty God of the universe controls the elements as He holds the four winds in His Fist!

What are we trying to hold on to?  What possesses our vision?  Can we be looking backwards while moving forward to possess the future before us?

A very wise preacher once said “God doesn’t care WHAT YOU HAVE, He only cares WHAT HAS YOU!”  God, in His word tells us that there is but “a step” between us and the end of life’s journey.  Lot’s wife’s final step ended “looking back.”  I would have to think that while she lived, she was commendable.  Lot had close fellowship with his uncle Abraham, as a result, she knew God.  She loved her husband and children and had lots of friends.  Lot was a wealthy man so, no doubt, she had an affluent home.  She dressed in the finest raiment and jewelry of that day and at the “prime of life” accumulated lots of valuable things and treasures of this world.  God was faithful to speak to her heart and He is faithful to speak to your heart and my heart.  The angels of the Lord laid hold of her hand and told her, and her family, not to delay or hesitate and especially not to look or turn back because the destruction of Sodom was coming.  Sodom was built upon sandy shale-type soil, unstable and very flammable located near the Dead Sea.  Everything it stood for and everything it had to offer was of temporal value. In God’s eyes, valuing your life is so much more important than valuing a living!  He loves us so and does not want us to end our journey completely immersed and looking back to what we have amassed and accomplished.  There is absolutely nothing we can take with us over ‘yonder.  If you have asked God and His Son Jesus to come into your heart and life, YOU, and you alone are His Treasure!  His love has no “stopping point” nor will ever cease while you’re here, as well as, at that moment you draw your last breath and meet Him face to face – and we all will.

Lot’s wife looked back and she became as a “pillar of salt.”  We know that salt is a preservative and  though she ceased to exist, God preserved her soul!  The moment we embrace God and His Beloved Son, Jesus – He embraces us and that embrace is FOREVER!  In the book of Romans we read, who or what shall SEPARATE us from His Love.  There are (17) things that pertain to mankind, including both LIFE and DEATH which are unable to separate us from His Divine Love!  Seventeen, in the bible, has to do with perfection and completeness concerning God’s ability to keep us as His very own, and ultimately means “Victory through God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!”  God wants each and every one of us to be victorious in our responsibilities, accountabilities and challenges we will certainly encounter throughout this earthly journey!

Yes, we should be kind, patient and forgiving one another.  We should be good law-abiding citizens, respect our loved ones, be good parents, be successful in our jobs, honest, forthright etc.  I quote once again, “God doesn’t care what you have, He only cares what has you.”  As we prioritize the spiritual things in our life, He honors our commitment.  Circumstances arise concerning our family, our children, the workplace, our finances, our health, and the list goes on and on.  Commit these things to Him in prayer.  Today countries are at war with one another and our very own national security and society are being threatened.  Our ability to control “the current and the outcome” is limited, but God has NO LIMITS – His abilities go BEYOND THE TERMINUS!  In our finite state the past is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, today is all we have and whether we realize it or not, the very air that we breathe, God provides.  He may be speaking to your heart this very moment, and if so, don’t delay.  My former pastor, who loved me like a son, before he took his last breath, told me three of the most profound words ever spoken to me, words etched in my mind and words I will never forget:  “Go – With – God.”  My dear readers, I will leave you with those exact same words!

Brother Ken

Here is our song entitled “Don’t Turn Back”


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